Tracker 600 ATV Review

Tracker 600 ATV Review: Performance, Cool Features & Problems

Tracker 600 ATV Review Guide

The Tracker 600 ATV, widely acclaimed for its robust nature, brings forth an extraordinary amalgamation of power and safety. With a potent, liquid-cooled 4-stroke 600cc engine working as its heart, this ATV delivers compelling performance while navigating through varied terrains – be it mud, sand, rocks, or steep inclines.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Tracker 600 ATV is perfect for both hauling heavy loads and pulling equipment. The machine shows unwavering resilience, making it equally suitable for work and play. Users continually attest to its ability to stand the test of time, a testament to its durability and fine craftsmanship.

However, the Tracker 600 ATV’s power does not come at the expense of safety. The safety features incorporated are designed to ensure both the driver and passengers can enjoy the thrilling experience the ATV offers without compromising their well-being. The ATV, while potent and fun, can be dangerous if not operated correctly, emphasizing the importance of responsible and informed riding.

A detailed look into its specs and features or addressing common problems could give an even more comprehensive understanding of the Tracker 600 ATV. This approach accentuates factors like how the ATV performs under different circumstances, potential concerns, correct usage, and maintenance tasks that the user should be aware of. By diving deep into these elements, one can truly appreciate the Tracker 600 ATV for its potent capabilities and thoughtful design.

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Tracker 600 ATV Review

Tracker 600 ATV Specifications

Here is the Tracker 600 ATV All Specs in the table form.

Category Description
  • Type – Single-cylinder gas engine
  • Displacement – 600cc
  • Cooling – Liquid
  • Fuel System – EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
  • Drive system – Electric 2WD / 4WD Actuation
  • Transmission – Automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
  • Gear selection – H, L, N, R, P
  • Front differential – 2/4WD differential
  • Rear differential – Rear Transaxle
  • Front suspension – Double A-Arm with 9 in travel
  • Rear suspension – Double A-Arm with 9 in travel
  • Brake type – Single lever front, all-wheel hydraulic disc
  • Foot brake – hydraulic rear
  • Parking brake – park in the transmission
  • Front tires – 25 x 8.00 – 12
  • Rear tires – 25 x 10.00 – 12
  • L x W x H – 86.1 x 47.8 x 50.1 inches
  • Wheelbase – 52 inches
  • Fuel capacity – 5.7 gal.
  • Overall weight – 748 lbs.
  • Ground clearance – 11.5 inches
  • Towing capacity – 1050 lbs.
  • Front rack – 100 lbs.
  • Rear rack – 200 lbs.

Power and capability

The Tracker 600 ATV is a perfect embodiment of power and capability. Its heart is the engine – a powerful liquid-cooled 4-stroke 600cc powerhouse, coupled with a seamless CVT transmission that delivers smooth acceleration and excellent power delivery.

Handling heavy loads or tackling steep inclines is no problem for the Tracker 600 ATV. Thanks to its high towing capacity and sizable cargo capacity, this machine is engineered to handle demanding tasks with remarkable ease. From hauling equipment on work sites to navigating through challenging terrains packed with obstacles, this ATV demonstrates excellent off-road performance.

One of the standout features of the Tracker 600 ATV is its ability to thrive in different terrains. Whether it’s fording through the rough terrain or ascending steep inclines, this off-road vehicle exhibits resolute stability and control, making it a highly capable companion for tough jobs. Testament to the ATV’s power and adaptability is its ability to provide a consistent, undeterred performance, regardless of how challenging the terrain might be.


The Tracker 600 ATV shines in its versatility, proving to be a notable contender in its class by being well-suited for a range of outdoor activities. Whether it’s hunting, farming, or trail riding, the Tracker 600 ATV demonstrates great adaptability, showcasing an impressive ability to traverse various terrains.

The addition of a 2-inch receiver hitch extends the versatility of this machine, making towing loads easy and efficient, even on rough terrains. Beyond just towing, the Tracker 600 ATV comes with a commendable ground clearance. This higher ground clearance not only simplifies the process of towing but also allows for easy navigation over physical obstacles such as rocks and tree stumps.

In general, the Tracker 600 ATV emerges as a versatile and well-rounded vehicle, with a unique blend of features that make it suitable for a wide array of outdoor ventures. It smoothly transcends boundaries, from tough tasks to leisurely rides, providing a reliable and satisfying experience every time.

Maximum comfort

This ATV 600 is engineered to deliver maximum comfort, a feature that characterizes it as a standout in its class. It achieves this through the sophisticated integration of its front and rear suspension systems. Both systems come equipped with double A-arms and adjustable shocks, which work in unison to absorb shocks and bumps from uneven terrain. This quality ensures the ATV provides a smooth and enjoyable ride even under demanding conditions.

Excellent handling is a must for any ATV, and the Tracker ATV 600 takes it a step further. It’s not just about how the vehicle maneuvers but also about how it lets the rider comfortably manage harsh terrains. In this case, the adjustable shocks play a crucial role, offering the ability to personalize the riding experience to the user’s preferences and the demands of the unique terrain.

The comfort of the Tracker ATV 600 extends beyond the technical aspects of the rider’s experience during extended rides. The comfortable interior is part of a thoughtful design aimed at making long journeys less strenuous, a factor that regularly draws praise from users. In essence, the Tracker ATV 600 makes riding through challenging landscapes less about enduring the ride and more about enjoying the journey.


The Tracker 500 ATV is the epitome of durability in the world of off-road vehicles. Its foundation is a High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel frame, engineered to provide unparalleled strength and durability compared to traditional steel constructions. This steel frame is the bedrock of the ATV’s ability to conquer the most rugged terrains and bear heavy loads while maintaining its structural integrity.

One remarkable feature is the use of HSLA steel, which not only enhances strength but also contributes to a lighter overall weight. This reduction in weight translates to improved handling and maneuverability, making it a champion when navigating through challenging terrains.

Equipped with 25-inch Maxxis tires, the Tracker 500 ATV offers exceptional traction and grip on various surfaces. These tires are built to withstand punctures and cuts, ensuring uninterrupted off-road adventures. Whether you’re facing demanding outdoor use or the rigors of tough terrains, the Tracker 500 ATV is built to thrive, thanks to its superior strength and unwavering durability.


The Tracker 600 ATV is renowned for its outstanding traction capabilities, thanks to its innovative 2WD/4WD selectable modes. Whether you’re navigating through mud, sand, or rocks, or tackling challenging terrains, the Tracker 600 offers the necessary traction to conquer any obstacle in your path.

Its robust construction includes a full-length skid plate, which safeguards the underside of the vehicle from potential damage during off-road riding adventures. This comprehensive protection is especially valuable when traversing rocky or rugged terrain, providing both the ATV and riders with peace of mind.

The ability to select and adjust traction modes ensures that you can easily adapt to the demands of different terrains, making navigation a breeze. The Tracker 600’s commitment to providing necessary traction and comprehensive protection makes it an exceptional choice for off-road enthusiasts, enhancing both the safety and performance of the vehicle.

Superior ergonomics

The Tracker 600 ATV truly excels in providing a superior ergonomic riding experience. The spacious seat offers excellent support, making it ideal for those long rides that enthusiasts crave. Riders can fine-tune their riding position to their preferences, thanks to adjustable handlebars and various customizable features.

When it comes to controls, the Tracker 600 ATV doesn’t disappoint. The throttle responds with precision, offering a burst of power when needed, while the brakes ensure a smooth and comfortable stop. Gear shifts are seamless and effortless, enhancing the overall experience for the rider.

Incorporating comfort and ergonomics, the Tracker 600 ATV boasts a design that allows riders to reach and operate all controls with ease. Its spacious and adjustable features, combined with its ergonomic design, make every ride a pleasure, setting a new standard for superior ergonomics in the world of all-terrain vehicles.

Tracker 600 ATV Top Speed

When it comes to the Tracker 600 ATV, one of its notable attributes is its impressive top speed. This all-terrain vehicle, designed for rugged terrains, offers a remarkable performance that can reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. Riders, whether experienced or new to the ATV scene, can appreciate the exhilarating experience of cruising at such speeds.

The Tracker 600 ATV’s top speed of 75 miles per hour is a testament to its power and capability. It’s worth noting that while this ATV is built for tackling rough terrains, its speed may not match that of a regular on-road vehicle. However, it’s the perfect balance of power and speed for off-road enthusiasts.

As riders take on different terrains, their judgment and experience play a crucial role in determining the ATV’s speed. Additionally, they should be mindful of local laws and regulations governing ATV use, ensuring a safe and responsible experience. The Tracker 600 ATV, as reviewed by many, delivers an exceptional top speed while maintaining the ruggedness needed to conquer rough terrains, making it a top choice for ATV enthusiasts.

Tracker 600 ATV Common Problems

The Tracker 600 ATV is a reliable and durable off-road vehicle renowned for its strong performance despite the challenging terrains it’s designed to navigate. However, users may sometimes encounter common problems pertaining to its battery and transmission systems.

The battery issue can be notably expected. Users have reported instances where the battery drains quickly or fails to hold a charge. The exact nature of this problem often traces back to a faulty charging system or the battery itself. Encountering such issues requires one to seek the expertise of a qualified mechanic. It’s essential to ensure the battery is in good condition and is capable of holding a charge to maintain reliable vehicle operation.

The Tracker 600 ATV might also deal with transmission issues characterized by shifting problems, slipping, or grinding. These transmission problems could be a result of worn or damaged clutch plates or a faulty gear selector among the potential mechanical issues. Resolving such problems typically requires the use of special tools and technical expertise due to their mechanical nature.

Furthermore, the Tracker 600 ATV can also face issues with the starter motor, which can prevent it from starting. Such issues might stem from either a weak battery or electrical issues with the ignition plug. These issues warrant a thorough diagnosis from a qualified mechanic to identify and resolve the underlying problem promptly.

The ATV’s fuel system can also experience issues, potentially due to clogged fuel lines, a dirty carburetor, a malfunctioning fuel pump, or bad fuel. Fuel system problems can result in an engine that runs poorly or stalls out. Troubleshooting such issues might necessitate a trip to an auto shop, particularly if one isn’t comfortable with DIY repairs.

Lastly, the brakes of the Tracker 600 ATV may develop issues such as squeaking, or exhibiting a soft or spongy feel, typically a result of worn brake pads but could also be due to other mechanical issues. Addressing these brake issues promptly is crucial for the rider’s safety, as well as the control, performance, and longevity of the ATV.

In summary, while the Tracker 600 ATV is durable and built to withstand tough conditions, it may encounter common problems over time. However, with regular maintenance and the expertise of a qualified mechanic, these problems can be easily identified and addressed, ensuring the ATV continues to deliver top-tier performance.

Tracker 600 ATV Recall

The Tracker Off Road 600 and Arctic Cat Alterra are two notable models of ATVs that have recently undergone a recall based on an announcement made by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Key to this recall has been an issue tied to the electrical systems of these ATVs, involving a failed fuse that could potentially lead to sudden power loss, presenting a considerable crash hazard.

The recall spans both the United States and Canada, with a substantial number of units being impacted. It is of utmost importance that consumers who own either of these ATV models stay informed and take necessary action swiftly to ensure their safety.

In response to the defective fuse issue, Tracker Off Road has committed to offer a free repair for all affected ATVs. The repair will address and rectify the electrical system issue, thereby eliminating the risk of unexpected power loss while in operation.

Consumers who own a Tracker Off Road 600 or Arctic Cat Alterra ATV are advised to reach out to their local Tracker Off Road dealer in order to schedule a free repair. This repair comes at no cost to the consumer, alleviating any financial concern related to resolving this significant matter.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Tracker 600 ATV is a robust, versatile, and efficient all-terrain vehicle that delivers exceptional performance in varied terrains, whether for work or leisure activities.

Its well-rounded nature, stemming from powerful capabilities, superior ergonomics, durable construction, excellent traction, and top speed, has won it admirable praise among outdoor enthusiasts.

While it may face common problems related to battery, transmission, starter motor, fuel system, and brakes, regular maintenance and professional diagnosis can ensure their timely address and uninterrupted performance. 

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