Tracker 450 ATV Review

Expert Tracker 450 ATV Review & 5 Common Problems

The Tracker 450 ATV, a mid-sized, four-wheeled vehicle designed for various purposes, including recreational riding, hunting, agricultural work, and industrial tasks, offers a balanced combination of power and agility.

Its capability to handle rugged terrain, mud, rocks, and uneven ground makes it a versatile choice for operators with different needs.

While the Tracker 450 boasts impressive power and agility, it’s essential to ensure proper care and maintenance to prevent common problems that some users may encounter.

Experienced riders know the importance of addressing maintenance issues promptly to maintain the ATV’s performance.

In this Tracker 450 ATV review, we explore the proven remedies for addressing common problems, emphasizing the significance of preventive maintenance.

The off-road transportation capability, with its ability to handle various terrains, highlights the versatility of the Tracker 450.

For operators considering the Tracker 450 ATV, understanding the mid-size design and its suitability for recreational riding, hunting, agricultural, and industrial work is crucial.

By properly addressing maintenance concerns and utilizing proven remedies, users can make the most of their Tracker 450, ensuring a positive riding experience.

Tracker 450 ATV Review

Tracker 450 ATV Review
Tracker 450 ATV Specifications and Features

The Tracker 450 is a versatile and rugged all-terrain vehicle designed to conquer any landscape with ease. Whether you’re working on the farm, exploring the great outdoors, or tackling challenging tasks, this powerhouse offers the perfect blend of power and economy to get the job done. Let’s take a closer look at the key features and specifications that make the Tracker 450 a formidable choice.

Key Features:

443CC Engine: The heart of the Tracker 450 is its liquid-cooled, 443cc engine. This robust powerplant provides the ideal combination of capability and fuel efficiency, ensuring you have the range and muscle needed for various tasks.

Precision-Tuned Suspension: Equipped with precision-tuned shocks, springs, and suspension arms, the Tracker 450 delivers a smooth and comfortable ride, even over rugged terrain. This suspension system is designed to work in perfect harmony for superior performance.

2” Receiver: The inclusion of a standard 2-inch receiver adds versatility to the Tracker 450. Whether you need to tow implements or trailers, this feature ensures you’re ready for the task at hand.

10” Ground Clearance: When venturing off the beaten path, the 10-inch ground clearance of the Tracker 450 provides peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about getting high-centered or stuck when navigating challenging terrain.

25” Offroad Tires: The Tracker 450 comes equipped with 25-inch offroad tires that deliver exceptional traction on a variety of surfaces. There’s no need for tire upgrades here; these tires are ready for any adventure.

Electric Start: With seamless, reliable, and instant electric ignition, you can hop onto the Tracker 450 in a flash, getting you on your way without delay.

Factory Features: The Tracker 450 includes essential factory features, such as digital instrumentation, electric start, and a 12-month warranty. Plus, it boasts dual halogen headlights and dual brake lights/taillights for added safety.

Tracker 450 Specs in Table:

Max. Person Capacity 1 person
Engine Displacement 443 cc
Drive System 4WD
Drivetrain CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), Shaft Drive
Engine Type Liquid-cooled, 4-Stroke, Single Overhead Cam, Gas Engine
Fuel System EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
Gear Selection H, L, N, R, P
Brake System Single Lever Front, All Wheel Hydraulic Disc
Foot Brake Rear Foot Brake
Front Suspension Double A-Arm with 7.5-inch Travel
Front Tires 25 x 8.00 – 12, Kenda Pathfinder
Parking Brake Park in Transmission
Rear Suspension Double A-Arm with 7 inch Travel
Rear Tires 25 x 10.00 – 12, Kenda Pathfinder
Wheels Powder-Coated Steel
Front Rack Capacity 75 lbs.
Rear Rack Capacity 150 lbs.
Total Capacity 415 lbs.
Towing Capacity 1050 lbs.
Ground Clearance 10 inches
Hitch Hitch Plate
Overall Height 46.8 inches
Overall Length 83.9 inches
Overall Weight 615 lbs.
Overall Width 44 inches
Wheelbase 48 inches
Fuel Capacity 4.3 gal.

Tracker 450 ATV Top Speed

The Tracker 450 ATV, equipped with a powerful gas-powered engine and electronic fuel injection (EFI), delivers outstanding performance and impressive fuel economy. This mid-sized ATV is an all-around solution for riders seeking a balance between power and agility.

One of the key aspects that riders often inquire about is the ATV’s top speed. During extensive tests and a comprehensive video review, the Tracker 450 consistently averaged speeds between 52 and 44 mph. This showcases its ability to handle a variety of terrains while maintaining a respectable top speed.

The ATV’s engine, featuring liquid cooling, a single-cylinder design, and a single overhead cam, contributes to its exceptional performance. Paired with a CVT transmission and a displacement of 442cc, the Tracker 450 excels in providing both power and efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to haul heavy loads or enjoy recreational riding, the Tracker 450’s top speed of 52 to 44 mph ensures a thrilling experience. It’s a testament to the ATV’s well-rounded capabilities, making it a versatile choice for riders who demand both performance and reliability.

Tracker 450 Common Problems

The Tracker 450 ATV, although generally well-received in reviews, has encountered some common issues reported by users. It’s essential to acknowledge these concerns and address them promptly to ensure a positive experience with this versatile vehicle.

In the realm of user reviews, it’s not uncommon to find a mixture of positive feedback and complaints. While the Tracker 450 has garnered positive attention for its performance and versatility, some users have voiced their complaints regarding common issues they’ve encountered during their ownership.

Understanding these common issues is crucial for users, as it empowers them to proactively address and mitigate any potential problems. By keeping a keen eye on these concerns and being aware of the experiences shared by other users, riders can maximize the enjoyment and reliability of their Tracker 450 ATV.

Complaints and common issues can vary, but they often revolve around aspects like maintenance, performance, or specific components. By taking proactive steps to address these concerns, users can ensure that their Tracker 450 remains a dependable and capable vehicle for their off-road adventures and various tasks. It’s a testament to the commitment of both the manufacturer and the users to continuously improve the ATV’s overall quality and performance.

Lack of power

Users of the Tracker 450 ATV typically have high expectations for the performance of this all-terrain vehicle. However, loss of power can be one of the common problems, especially while handling heavy loads or dealing with steep hills.

These power loss issues can often be traced back to the ATV’s 443cc engine, which may underperform under certain conditions. Several factors can cause the Tracker 450’s engine to appear underpowered, such as issues within the fuel system, compromised airflow, or even a weak battery. To maintain its performance, consistent upkeep of all these aspects is vital.

The fuel system of the ATV, encompassing elements like the fuel filter and carburetor, plays a significant role in generating power. Inadequacy in these areas can lead to the performance of the Tracker 450 ATV being affected. A clogged fuel filter or a malfunctioning carburetor can seriously impede the proper flow of fuel, resulting in sub-optimal engine performance and, consequently, power loss.

Similarly, the ATV’s air intake and air filter, pivotal for maintaining the appropriate airflow within the engine, can also impact the power output of the Tracker 450. An obstructed air intake or a dirty air filter can limit the engine’s ability to breathe effectively, thus resulting in a marked reduction in power.

The ignition system is another crucial component worth taking into account. Components such as the spark plug and ignition coil need to be in optimal condition to ensure that the ATV’s engine fires correctly and on time. A malfunctioning spark plug or a weak ignition coil can hamper the engine’s spark, leading to reduced performance and power output.

Lastly, the ATV’s battery can also contribute to issues related to power loss. A weak battery may fail to provide sufficient power to the Tracker 450’s electrical systems, including the ignition system, thereby resulting in a less efficient engine performance.

Service by a certified mechanic can substantially enhance the ATV’s performance by addressing these issues. Users often find themselves carrying out mechanic inspections and replacing these key elements regularly to maintain the performance of their Tracker 450 ATVs. Common replacement activities usually include the ignition coil, spark plug, fuel filter, and even the battery, under certain circumstances.

Poor quality control

The Tracker 450 ATV, renowned for its impressive capabilities, has been the subject of numerous discussions among users, especially in several online forums. One area where Tracker 450 customers consistently voice their concerns centers around the quality of components.

Specifically, complaints are frequently brought up pertaining to bolts, nuts, and wiring. Users have reported these materials coming loose or even failing prematurely, which not only spurs necessary replacement work but can also lead to potential safety issues. Indeed, the compromises these issues pose to the vehicle’s overall structure are not to be overlooked.

Cases of inferior quality components have been highlighted by customers. Instances where nuts and bolts are difficult to remove or prone to break further underline the quality control issue. Aside from causing frustration and requiring replacement parts, these issues could also result in reduced ATV performance.

Dealing with these quality control issues doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle, thanks to the manufacturer’s warranty and dealer’s return policy. When customers report problems, the dealer and manufacturer’s responsibilities include taking necessary actions to fix the issues. Manufacturing defects and prematurity in component failures, should they occur, fall within the purview of the warranty, assuring peace of mind to all Tracker 450 ATV owners.

Moreover, the manufacturer’s commitment to addressing these issues indicates a proactive response to these user-reported quality control problems. By attending to these individual issues, they can in turn improve the overall safety and reliability of the Tracker 450 ATV, aligning its performance with users’ expectations and enhancing the driving experience.

Unstable transmission

When it comes to the Tracker 450 ATV, a number of users have drawn attention to the occurrence of unstable transmission. This has largely been identified as a result of factors like improper maintenance, inadequate lubricants, or low fluid levels in the CVT transmission system. In fact, the power and speed of your ATV depend significantly on the transmission components and their proper maintenance.

Regular check on transmission fluid levels is highly recommended. This can easily be done through the transmission dipstick, and one needs to stay aware of the signs of fluid leaks as these are often the prime factors leading to unstable transmission. Finding the fluid levels low more often or spotting leaks throughout the machinery could point toward a damaged or worn-out component.

Shifting problems further indicate transmission issues. The shift linkage and shift lever if loose or misaligned, could result in failures to shift properly. Signs of such problems may include slipping of gears or reduced power while riding. It is crucial to identify these signs at the earliest to mitigate any potential damage.

Making use of adequate and appropriate lubricants is of utmost importance to avoid transmission problems. Some users might opt for improper lubricants which may not completely fulfill the required level of lubrication for the ATV’s transmission components. This might lead to accelerated wear and tear, causing the components to weaken or get damaged.

Got a problem that needs fixing? Take your ATV to a certified Tracker Off Road dealer for professional examination and repairs. They are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to handle these situations, ensuring your Tracker 450 ATV gets back to its peak performance in no time.

Uncomfortable ride

For the users of Tracker 450 ATV, the ride experience does indeed encompass its fair share of multiplex dynamics. As reported, the suspension system has often been a highlighted point of discussion. Several individuals have expressed having an uncomfortable ride, often describing it as a stiff and jarring experience.

A meticulously adjusted suspension according to the weight of a rider can make a significant difference in the overall riding experience. The sensation of discomfort may primarily come from an inadequately adjusted suspension system, implying that the user’s weight and riding style have not been ideally taken into account. Incorporating these specifications for adjustment can result in a well-balanced ATV, enabling a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Moving on to terrain considerations, the nature of the terrain has a profound impact on the ride comfort. A typical Tracker 450 ATV user would engage in off-road adventures ranging across various trails. Encountering rough or uneven terrain tends to create a jostling and bouncing experience, which could lead to an uncomfortable ride. However, the aspect of discomfort can be subjective as some riders might actually prefer a jarring, bounce-filled ride for a truly off-roading experience.

Choosing your terrain wisely could substantially improve the quality of your ATV ride. It’s crucial to recognize that riding on smoother trails or avoiding overly rough terrains can dramatically decrease the likelihood of experiencing an uncomfortable ride. However, this should not translate into limiting the off-road capabilities of the Tracker 450 ATV, but rather tweaking riding strategies to align with the preferred comfort level.

Lastly, always remember that precautionary maintenance of the suspension system plays a crucial role in ensuring a long-lasting, comfortable ATV ride.

Inadequate storage

For Tracker 450 ATV users, the issue of inadequate storage often arises when embarking on longer rides or carrying essential gear and supplies. As a mid-sized ATV, the Tracker 450 may have limited space, with its front and rear racks sometimes being deemed too small to meet the needs of riders planning extended trips.

To remedy this concern, there are various storage options available, such as cargo racks, rear storage boxes, and front storage bags, along with other accessories. These additions enable users to carry more gear and supplies comfortably, making it ideal for those planning to spend an extended period on the trail.

To make the most of the available space, it’s crucial to stay organized and compact when packing your essentials. By packing strategically, riders can optimize the limited storage capacity of the Tracker 450, ensuring they have everything they need for their journey.

While the Tracker 450 ATV may have limited storage, it caters to a specific audience. For those needing more space or accommodating passengers, upgrading to a larger ATV is a viable option. This choice provides additional storage capacity and room for passengers, making it suitable for longer rides and carrying more gear.


The Tracker 450 ATV is a versatile, mid-size all-terrain vehicle designed for various tasks including recreational riding, hunting, and agricultural work. It boasts a 443cc engine, providing an ideal balance of power and fuel efficiency. Despite its significant features such as a precision-tuned suspension and capable off-road tires, riders have reported common issues such as lack of power, poor quality control, unstable transmission, uncomfortable ride, and inadequate storage. Nonetheless, these issues can be effectively managed through proactive maintenance and care, asserting the Tracker 450 ATV as a commendable choice for off-road scenarios.

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