Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R

Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R – Ultimate Power Awaits

Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R


Buckle up for a ride that defies limits and redefines adventure. Introducing the CAN-AM RENEGADE X MR 1000R, an ATV that shatters expectations with its unrivaled power, cutting-edge engineering, and unmatched capability.

Whether you’re craving a heart-pounding dash through mud-laden trails or a commanding conqueror of the off-road realm, the RENEGADE X MR 1000R is your ultimate partner in adrenaline-fueled exploration.

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Unleashing the Beast: A New Standard of Power

At the heart of the CAN-AM RENEGADE X MR 1000R lies a powerhouse of an engine that refuses to be tamed.

Boasting a ferocious 91 horsepower, this ATV reigns as the embodiment of power in its category. With this kind of force at your fingertips, tackling treacherous terrains becomes a thrilling conquest rather than a challenge.

Whether you’re traversing rocky paths, tearing through mud pits, or cruising across vast landscapes, the RENEGADE X MR 1000R’s engine ensures an exhilarating ride that leaves lesser vehicles in its wake.

Precision Handling Redefined

Elevate your off-road experience with the advanced handling capabilities of the RENEGADE X MR 1000R. Outfitted with preload-adjustable FOX 1.5 PODIUM shocks, this ATV takes your control to the next level.

The shocks are meticulously calibrated to provide not only a more predictable response at the limit of traction but also superior handling over both high- and low-speed bumps.

Whether you’re navigating a rugged trail or maneuvering through challenging obstacles, the RENEGADE X MR 1000R ensures your command over every twist and turn.

Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the RENEGADE X MR 1000R introduces the Tri-mode Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC™️) system. This intelligent feature offers three distinct modes—Standard, ECO, and Sport—each tailored to different riding conditions.

With iTC, the connection between you and your machine is seamless, translating to smoother power delivery during off-road escapades. The result? Enhanced responsiveness and control, elevating your confidence and capability on any terrain.

Trailblazing Suspension Innovation

The RENEGADE X MR 1000R doesn’t just adapt to challenges; it redefines how they’re conquered.

The innovative suspension setup, starting with its front double arched A-arm suspension, ensures that every bump and obstacle is met with superior performance.

The inclusion of a sway bar and revised wheels widens the stance, providing improved clearance for an unparalleled off-road adventure.

As you take control of the handlebars, the RENEGADE X MR 1000R’s leading grip and handling empower you to steer with precision, making even the toughest trails feel like a playground.

Specifications of CAN-AM RENEGADE X MR 1000R

In the world of off-road adventure, the CAN-AM RENEGADE X MR 1000R stands as a testament to unbridled power, superior engineering, and exhilarating performance.

With a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and rugged capabilities, this ATV is designed to conquer the most challenging terrains with ease.

Let’s delve into the specifications that make the RENEGADE X MR 1000R a true force to be reckoned with.

Category Specification
Manufacturer Can-Am
Model Year 2023
Model Renegade X MR 1000R
Model Code 4FPB
Color Liquid Titanium / Can-Am Red

Brakes, Wheels, and Tires: Taking Control

Equipped with a front dual 214 mm disc setup and hydraulic twin-piston calipers, the CAN-AM RENEGADE X MR 1000R ensures exceptional braking power.

The rear features a single 214 mm disc with a hydraulic twin-piston caliper for reliable stopping when you need it most.

The 14-inch cast-aluminum beadlock wheels provide both durability and style, while the ITP Cryptid tires (30 x 9 x 14 inches) offer the perfect balance between traction and control.

Front Dual 214 mm disc with hydraulic twin-piston calipers
Rear Single 214 mm disc with hydraulic twin-piston caliper
Wheels 14 in. cast-aluminum beadlock
Tires Front: ITP Cryptid 30 x 9 x 14 in.
Rear: ITP Cryptid 30 x 9 x 14 in.

Dimensions and Ground Clearance: Commanding Presence

With a length of 83 inches and a width of 50 inches, the RENEGADE X MR 1000R presents a formidable stance that commands attention.

Standing at 56 inches tall, this ATV is designed to tackle various terrains without compromise.

The ground clearance of 12.5 inches ensures that obstacles are cleared with ease, providing a smooth and controlled ride over rocky terrain and uneven surfaces.

The wheelbase of 51 inches contributes to the ATV’s stability and maneuverability, allowing you to navigate with confidence.

Length 83 in. (224 cm)
Height 56 in. (131 cm)
Width 50 in. (127 cm)
Weight Estimated Dry – 971 lb. (440 kg)
Ground Clearance 12.5 in. (31.8 cm)
Wheelbase 51 in. (129.5 cm)
Seat Height 36.75 in. (93.3 cm)

Engine and Performance: Unleash the Beast

Under the hood of the RENEGADE X MR 1000R roars the heart of a champion—a 1000R Rotax V-twin engine.

Snorkeled and cooled by a liquid system, this powerhouse generates a staggering 91 horsepower.

With a displacement of 976 cc, the engine is not only powerful but also efficient. The Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC™️) system, coupled with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), ensures that power delivery is responsive and smooth across various riding conditions.

The engine’s prowess is further enhanced by its ability to handle a fuel capacity of 5.4 gallons (20.5 liters), allowing you to explore farther and longer.

Engine 1000R
Rotax V-twin, snorkeled
Cooling Liquid
Horsepower 91 hp
Displacement 976 cc
Fuel System Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC™️) with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Fuel Capacity 5.4 gal. (20.5 l)

Suspension and Handling: Mastering the Terrain

The RENEGADE X MR 1000R boasts a suspension system that is engineered for excellence.

The front features an arched double A-arm suspension with a front sway bar, while the rear is equipped with a torsional trailing arm independent (TTI) suspension.

The inclusion of FOX 1.5 PODIUM QS3 shocks at both the front and rear enhances stability and control, ensuring a smooth ride even in the most challenging conditions.

The Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) system provides precise steering control, enabling you to maneuver effortlessly through tight corners and challenging landscapes.

Capability and Protection: Ready for Any Challenge

With a standard seating configuration, the RENEGADE X MR 1000R ensures rider comfort during every adventure.

The ATV’s towing capacity of 1,300 pounds (590 kg) allows you to bring along essential equipment for your journey. Additionally, the rear rack can accommodate a load of up to 35 pounds (16 kg).

The RENEGADE X MR 1000R comes with a 3,500-pound (1,588 kg) winch, providing a safety net for those moments when you need assistance.

Front and rear bumpers, an aluminum taper-profile handlebar with grab handle, full wrap handguards, mudguards, and a central aluminum skid plate offer comprehensive protection against obstacles and debris.

Suspension Front – Arched double A-arm with front sway bar
Rear – Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI)
Front / Rear Shocks – FOX 1.5 PODIUM QS3
Steering Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)
Seating Standard
Towing Capacity 1,300 lb. (590 kg)
Load Capacity Rack Rear – 35 lb. (16 kg)

Related Questions About Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R

Q: What is the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R?

The Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) designed and manufactured by Can-Am, a division of BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products).

It’s known for its off-road capabilities and is particularly designed for mud riding and challenging terrains.

Q: What type of engine does the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R have?

The Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R is equipped with a powerful 976cc Rotax V-twin engine, which provides substantial horsepower and torque for tackling tough terrains and demanding riding conditions.

Q: What are the key features of the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R?

The key features of the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R include a snorkeled CVT intake and exhaust, high air intakes, an X-package graphics and seat cover, premium Fox† 1.5 Podium shocks, 30-inch ITP Cryptid† tires on 14-inch cast-aluminum beadlock wheels, a front bumper, and a relocated 4,500-lb winch.

Q: What is the purpose of the snorkeled CVT intake and exhaust?

The snorkeled CVT intake and exhaust system on the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R allows the vehicle to ride through deep mud and water without the risk of water entering the engine or transmission components.

This feature enhances the vehicle’s water-crossing abilities and durability.

Q: How does the Fox 1.5 Podium shock suspension benefit the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R?

The Fox 1.5 Podium shocks are high-performance suspension components that offer better damping control and improved off-road handling.

They allow the Renegade X MR 1000R to absorb shocks and impacts more effectively, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride across rough terrain.

Q: What are the advantages of the ITP Cryptid tires on the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R?

The ITP Cryptid tires are designed with a deep tread pattern and large lugs, specifically optimized for mud and swampy terrain.

These tires provide excellent traction in muddy conditions, helping the Renegade X MR 1000R navigate through challenging environments with reduced slippage.

Q: Can you tell me about the winch on the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R?

The Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R comes equipped with a relocated 4,500-lb winch.

This winch is designed to assist in situations where the vehicle gets stuck or needs to be pulled out of challenging obstacles.

It’s a valuable tool for off-road adventures, providing added security and assistance when needed.

Q: What type of riders would benefit most from the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R?

The Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R is ideal for riders who are passionate about extreme off-road adventures, particularly in muddy and waterlogged terrains.

It’s designed to withstand harsh conditions and tackle obstacles that would be difficult for regular ATVs.

This ATV is best suited for experienced riders seeking adrenaline-filled rides in challenging environments.

Q: How does the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R compare to other models in Can-Am’s lineup?

The Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R stands out in Can-Am’s lineup due to its specialized features for mud riding and challenging terrains.

It offers specific components like the snorkeled intake and exhaust, specialized tires, and premium shocks that make it well-suited for off-road enthusiasts who prioritize conquering mud and water obstacles.

Conclusion: Embrace the Unbridled Power

Prepare to experience off-road exploration like never before with the CAN-AM RENEGADE X MR 1000R. With its potent engine, state-of-the-art technology, and revolutionary suspension, this ATV encapsulates the spirit of adventure and the thrill of conquering the unknown.

From mud-splattered trails to unforgiving terrains, the RENEGADE X MR 1000R stands as a testament to unwavering power, precise handling, and unparalleled intelligence. Embark on a journey where the game has truly changed, and the thrill of the off-road awaits your command.

Command the mud, embrace the power, and redefine your off-road limits with the CAN-AM RENEGADE X MR 1000R—your gateway to an electrifying world of off-road supremacy.

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